Hi. My name is ikka and I no longer use this blog

This used to be my main blog but at one point, I realized that I wasn’t using tumblr for fun anymore. This was supposed to be my personal blog. It was just here for me to post whatever I felt like posting but one day, I was promoted by a humor blog and I thought of something like, “What if people visit my tumblr and find out I’m not humor, then they wouldn’t follow me.” I changed my blog just for that. I honestly did it for followers. Then at one point, I was busy doing schoolwork and catching up with One Piece episodes. I lost about 8 followers. I honestly stopped everything and continued to blog for the next few hours, days, and weeks in the hopes that those 8 followers would come back. 

I didn’t make this account for that. I made this account for fun. Gaining followers blinded me. I wasn’t having fun anymore. It seriously seemed like a job already. That couldn’t have been what tumblr was for. I just knew I needed to stop but I didn’t have the guts to delete my blog. In the end, I kept coming back. Then, I just did what was irreversible, no more hesitating. I deleted my blog. It was hard but it worked out.

I saved the url (even though its sucky) as a remembrance. 

To those who read this, thank you for taking the time to read this and please, enjoy your time on tumblr.